Programs Envisioned
At this time, the Absolute Results is considering the following programs, subject to regulatory approval.
Financial Support of Selected Charities
Building on the history of charitable giving ingrained into our corporate culture we will support capital investment by charities with proven track records. The Absolute Results Foundation aims to amplify direct financial support of selected charities, as chosen by the Board of the Foundation. These will be charities solving social problems. The Board believes that a focused and concerted effort based on equipping the recipient charity with both funding and manpower for capital projects, plus operational best practices knowledge, will have a lasting impact. The Foundation does not plan to fund operational budgets of charities, instead it will continue a program of knowledge transfer to ensure the sustainability of the chosen charities.
Teenage Children Experience
The Foundation will pay to send teenage children of Absolute Results stakeholders to chosen charities as working volunteers. As parents of first world children, many of Absolute Results stakeholders wish for their children to avoid an entitlement attitude by witnessing social development in action, and by contributing their own physical efforts to projects. One of Absolute Results corporate values is "We get our hands dirty", meaning we are not afraid of doing the work ourselves.

Youth Enrollment
To qualify for the Youth Program
  • Youth must be between 12 and 19 years of age
  • Parent of youth must be an employee of Absolute Results for at least 6 months.
Absolute Results Foundation will cover the round-trip airfare to Guatemala, transportation to Hope Of Life and Food & Accommodation while in Hope of Life. Youth responsible for spending cash and other expenses en route.

Tell us your story/reason why you want to be approved for this trip to Guatemala and Hope of Life.
We ask that you submit both a written document and a video explaining why you want to join this trip.
Story Supported Formats: .doc .docx
Video Supported Formats: .mp4 .mov
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Transfer of Best Operational Practices.
Charities face the same strategic questions, leadership development, and management challenges, as any other human organizations. The Absolute Results stakeholders include experts in all areas of business operations. The Absolute Results growth and success are testimony to the level of combined expertise. The Foundation will facilitate the twinning of our experts with charity leaders in a structured mentoring program.
Stakeholders' Sponsored Initiatives
The fourth program will be to support charities where Absolute Results employees or franchisees have made a real personal commitment.
  • Employee or Franchisee must have served at one of the AR companies for at least two years.
  • Employee must document at least two years of personal commitment with the charity as a board member or an active volunteer. We will require documentation from the charity confirming their involvement.
  • Charity must be a non-political charity registered with the CRA. The charity filings must be current, and audited for large charities, or independently reviewed for smaller ones.
  • Only capital projects will be considered, no operational grants will be given. Our focus is to equip the charities for the long term.
  • Projects merits will be judged by a committee made of Absolute Results leaders and external advisors who cannot ask for grants themselves.
Guatemala Program
Hope of Life International
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